Anuschka Handbags

The Exquisite Beauty of Anuschka Handbags

Anuschka HandbagsThere are many designer handbags but many women and women at heart would still want to own Anuschka handbags over others. Aside from the wide array of choices, these handbags exude exquisite beauty that would surely turn the heads of everyone else. Anuschka handbags are not just functional possessions but are pieces of wearable art – worth displaying anywhere.

The Grand Designs of Anuschka Handbags

Anuschka handbags are beautiful not because they are simply printed but because they are individually hand-painted. The designs are made by the owners themselves and they are hand-painted by various artist who are skilled and trained in what they do. There are more than 20 designs including flowers, animals, ancient and abstract. Some of the most popular among flower designs are the Tribal Bloom, Wild Hibiscus Antique and Incredible Ikat. For the animal designs, the Dancing Peacock, Tiger in Love and Flying Jewel rank as some of the favourites. Nevertheless, Collage, American Geisha, Henna, Nirvana and Abstract are also some of the fine masterpieces that have exquisite designs. The latest addition is the new Spring 2012 designs which include Peacock Lily, Python Safari, Enchanting Forest Fairy and Sunflower Safari.

The Useful Styles and Sizes of Anuschka Handbags

Beauty and function do not always go together. However, the same is not true when it comes to Anuschka handbags. These handbags have exquisite beauty but not just for display or pride. They also come in different styles and sizes to suit the different needs of the owner. There are fourteen types of handbags to choose from. Some of the most common types would include shoulder bag, tote, satchel and even organizer and mini organizer bags.

In addition, they also have cross body, back packs, shopper, drawstring, slouch, in hand, flap, hobo and even wristlet clutch. They are also in different sizes making one choose which among these exquisite beauties best fit for your handbag requirements. You can always have one for office, casual use, school, and even for special occasions. You can find small ones perfect for mobile phones, purses or wallets and you can also have the bigger one to include makeups, card cases, pens and other stuff. You can also use one depending on your attire whether you are in jeans and shirt or in a nice dress.

The Limited Edition Must-Have Anuschka Handbags

The exquisite beauty of Anuschka handbags are never complete with limited editions that makes any handbag collector even more excited. The latest limited edition among Anuschka’s leather bags is the Twin Top Shopper which showcases beautifully hand-painted birds, leaves and flowers. There’s only 250 pieces available for the worldwide contenders. This limited edition has enough space with a size of 14.25”x9.25”x4” with a handle drop of 12.25”. It has two large compartments with double zip entry as well. Every bag has a special leather tag, pre-numbered and signed by the President of Anuschka. The designer of this Anuschka handbag is no other than BhaskarBasu.

The Many Accessories that is Perfect with Anuschka Handbags

There is nothing better to suit Anuschka handbags than Anuschka wallets and accessories as well. Aside from the fact that they are also made from leather and are hand-painted, they also exude the same exquisite beauty. The wallets come in different sizes fitting perfectly to any choice of Anuschka handbags. In addition, there are also Anuschka creations of credit card cases and cell phone holders to complement your beautiful handbag. There’s also a fascinating piece of Anuschka check book wallet and coin purse. And to complete your handbag accessories, there’s also an Anuschka pocket mirror and cosmetic pouch for ladies who can’t live without one. A leather Anuschka belt may also be a perfect match for your elegant plain dress and Anuschka handbag.

The Techy Cases that Perfectly Match Your Anuschka Handbags

You will also be glad to know that you don’t have to leave the house with Anuschka handbags and accessories alone. You will definitely find it exciting to bring along with you a zip around table, bible and e-reader holder. This versatile tech case is still made of leather and may come in your favourite Anuschka hand-painted designs as well. The cell phone cases can also work as a PDA case. You can slip them around your wrist or put them inside your handbag. And of course, there’s also a perfect laptop or tablet sleeve to complete your collection of techy cases. They all would go perfectly with your choice of Anuschka handbags – making it easy for you to identify your exquisitely beautiful stuff from the others.

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